Sell Your House Fast With No Hassle

Do you have a house that has been on the market much longer than you intended? It could be that your house is damaged, upside down in a mortgage, or in a dangerous area of town. If so, you may have what is referred to as an ugly house. It can be difficult to sell your house on the real estate market. However, it is possible to sell your house fast for cash and bypass the market altogether.

Rex Buys KC works with homeowners with ugly houses. We can take a look at your property, make a fair cash offer within 24 to 48 hours, and close on the sale in as little as seven days. You pay no realtor commissions or closing costs. You can also avoid making any repairs to the house. We buy houses as-is in Kansas City, MO.

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How to Sell Your Ugly House in 3 Stepss


Contact Us Today

Feel free to call us to schedule a quick house visit. We can answer your questions, discuss your options, and do a quick run-through of the property. Don’t worry about making any preparations. We are happy to view your house as-is.


Let Us Make an Offer on Your House

If we like what we see, then we’ll make an offer on your house without delay. We typically make offers at just under the house’s value. Our cash offers are fair and consistent with no changes once the proposal is submitted.


Get Cash for Your House

If you accept our offer, then schedule a close date that is convenient for you. We show up and sign the paperwork, pay all the closing costs, and seal the deal. We can pay you cash for your house in as little as seven days from closing.

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What is an Ugly House?

When most people think of an ugly house, they envision a property with major structural or cosmetic problems. The house must be unsellable because of the way it looks. You may have driven by a house in your area that you are convinced no one would buy simply because of the way it looks.

However, an ugly house is a property that may have various problems, such as:

  • tickThe house needs significant repairs and upgrades.
  • tickThe property is unsafe to live in.
  • tickThe house received a low appraisal.
  • tickAn inspector has condemned the house.
  • tickThe property is in a lousy location.
  • tickThe property is upside down in the mortgage.
  • tickYou’ve neglected to make repairs or renovations.
  • tickThere are structural problems with the house.

An ugly house is not just a house that looks ugly on the outside. It is essentially a piece of property that no one wants to purchase. You may be asking too much for the property. Or the property may be unsafe. Buyers ultimately do not see the investment or the potential for the house to be worth the money. As a result, the house has been sitting on the property for a long time with no offers.

Avoid the Hassle of Putting Your House on the Market

Did you know that, on average, it takes 60 to 90 days to list and sell your house on the market if you go through a real estate agent? You could also pay for considerable out-of-pocket expenses while spending countless hours getting your house ready to sell. Consider these expenses associated with a traditional house sale: 

  • Foreclosure Listing costs
  • Inherited-House Marketing costs
  • Distressed-Property Realtor commissions
  • Relocating Appraisals and inspections
  • divorse Taxes and title transfers
  • Ugly-House Closing costs

You may not have considered how much it takes to repair or renovate your home. If you must replace the roof, windows, plumbing, AC, or electrical system, you could spend thousands of dollars before the inspector approves the sale of your home. In the end, you may need to ask yourself, “Is it worth it?”

With Rex Buys KC, you can eliminate all these costs and sell your house as-is in as little as 30 days. Simply schedule a quick walkthrough with us and let us make a fast cash offer. We are the company that buys houses as-is.


Why You Should Sell Your House Fast for Cash

There are several advantages to selling your house for cash instead of listing it through a realtor:

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You pay nothing – no realtor commissions, closing costs, or fees.


There is no need for costly renovations, improvements, or repairs.

Distressed Property

Don’t wait for several months to sell your house – close in as little as 30 days.

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You can quickly walk away from a stressful situation.


Deal with a single person, not multiple potential buyers.

Inherited House

Work with our company here in Kansas City, Missouri.

We Buy Houses for Cash in the Following Areas

At Rex Buys KC, we work with house sellers throughout key areas in Missouri and Kansas. Many of our sellers come from the following locations:

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Sell My House Fast in Kansas City, Missouri

At Rex Buys KC, we buy houses for cash. We pay all closing costs and do not charge any fees. Our company purchases property as-is and puts cash in your hands in as little as 30 days. Call us today at 816-895-2999 and schedule a quick walkthrough in Kansas City, Missouri.